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Hello! I've moved my blog next door on my website to: I have been having trouble with my wordpress platform for awhile so I built my own. I'm still working on it a bit, so not perfect yet. It's a lot easier for me to update and focus on content rather than glitches! Thank you!    

Armchair Sketching Venice

Venice Sketch

Art Supplies #12 Round Squirrel Blick Art Brush White Gouache Cadmium Yellow Cadmium Red Quinacridone Red Pthalo Green Cobalt Teal Ultramarine Blue Cobalt Blue Burnt Sienna I love sketching Venice! The time I was there, I did some of my best sketches and took thousands of photos. I don't think I'll ever be able to go through my notebooks from that trip without wondering why I ...

Storm Coming – Painting Skies

Storm Coming Sky Painting

I don't know about you, but I always see the most beautiful skies when I'm in the car or in a big hurry somewhere. This awesome sky was a looming summer storm while I was walking at the park. Since it was not a good location to play with lighting, I snapped a photo to ...

Watercolor Painting Tutorial – Hummingbird

Hummingbird Watercolor Painting

  The hummingbirds are gorgeous in my backyard now. We only get ruby throated hummingbirds here with an occasional visit during early or late summer from a more exotic variety. But wow! They are beautiful little jewels. So I had to do this quick watercolor painting tutorial of a hummingbird! Our ruby throated hummingbirds are more skittish ...

Sketching Trees in Watercolor

Woods painting

I love sketching trees in this section of my yard. It's cool and ferny with moss growing where grass should. I've been building stone steps up to a rope hammock under the trees. I've spent a lot of time reading or rocking my boys in the shade. Sketching trees is rewarding but difficult. The light is ...