Quick Sketching – Dogwood Flowers

Dogwood Flowers

The dogwoods are blooming! Dogwoods are a quintessential Southern flower. Everyone here looks forward to the bright white of dogwood flowers when leaves first start appearing. I feel so lucky to have beautiful dogwood trees dotted through the woods here. The bright pink cultivar is striking, but I've always preferred the airiness of the native white ...

Quick Sketching – Daffodils Again!


  Pretty daffodils in the yard. Possibly some heirloom King Alfreds? They are old, that's all I know! Starting sketching... Notice how I rearranged the flowers to form a hogarth curve. I'm an artist, not a photographer! I'm also not worried by odd splatters from the other page. This is a sketch, never meant to be a finished ...

Quick Sketching – Treetops

Sketching Trees

  Kindof a gray overcast weekend, but my sketchbook was calling me! I've always felt like I live in a treehouse. We live in the Appalachian foothills, in a oak-pine forest. The big tree here is a tulip poplar. Start with a quick sketch and wash. Move in a bit more color. I threw the frisbee for my dog ...

Daffodils Sketch


Just a fun little daffodils sketch! It’s painted in my usual Indian handmade paper sketchbook. The paper has no room for errors – every erasure shows up. This makes me work fast and never second guess! My dog, Ranger, put his usual paw print on the sketch as soon as it was done. Oh well, […]

Quickie Sketching – Chickens!


I had some fun sketching chickens in my backyard yesterday! I’m still using my #12 Squirrel Blick Master brush. It’s still shedding slightly, which is starting to concern me. Normal for a painting or 2, but then it should stop shedding Work fast, do lots and lots of sketches!

Quickie Sketching – Daffodils!


It’s that time again – my annual daffodils sketch! Last year’s daffodils. Always take a photo – light changes quickly! I start with some pale yellows and throw in a little burnt sienna. Keep the light colors very light! Look how pale the yellow turned when I put in some midtones. Burnt sienna and ultramarine. […]

Value Studies


Ok, so value studies are rather boring. We really want to get into the fun exuberance of painting! Who wants to bother with stupid value studies? They take up a healthy chunk of valuable painting time for something we hardly look at again. Unfortunately, without a very clear idea in your head of what you’re […]


I’ve joined Facebook again after my bad experience with someone stealing my photos and name. I’d love to talk with other people who love painting as much as I do so I hope this will be a very positive experience this time around!

Quickie Sketching – Fire in the Fireplace


A cold evening and a warm fire. Perfect for a little sketching!   First, a value study. Remember, this should just take a minute or two, tops. I’m just taking notes – in case my husband puts another log on the fire! (This one got a bit of paint dropped on the left by accident.) […]

Quickie Sketching – Dahlias


I had 30 minutes to play with some paint again. Did I mention both my boys are teething? The 5 year old and the one year old. At the same time. My time is limited. As is everyone’s… :) After the lousy paper last time I used the back of a Twinrocker 6″ x 8″. […]