Seal Cove

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Another wonderful afternoon on Seal Cove.


With a small active boy in tow, I was a little limited in places I could spend an hour sketching with Edwin running around.

Sketching spots had to be safe, dry, not windy and also happen to have something to paint. The first three are the problems on Mount Desert Island.

Ocean Drive, near Thunder Hole

This, for instance, was unsuitable!

At the very end of Seal Cove, a fisherman keeps 4 old dories. When I first started coming to Acadia, I could still find them sprinkled around the island. Last year, I couldn’t find any. I had painted them in previous years and want to paint more.

I was so glad to find the dories in Seal Cove again. Such beautiful, simple boats preserving a ancient tradition.

The first day we were there, these two dories were moored in Southwest Harbor. They were gone the next day.

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