Southwest Harbor, Maine

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Southwest Harbor is the loveliest town in the world. It’s on the Quiet Side of Mount Desert Island. We found out a long time ago that we prefer staying there rather than in the tourist craziness of Bar Harbor. Bar Harbor doesn’t even really seem like Maine – more of a tourist trap.

While Southwest Harbor is a working fishing town with a thriving boat building industry (think Hinckley, Stanley, Ellis, etc.). It also happens to have a number of very nice bed and breakfasts.

Our favorite breakfast is to get coffee and muffins and eat looking over the lower town dock. So much to see at a working dock!


Lobster boats ready to go.

Some of the most gorgeous wooden boats you’ve ever seen. It doesn’t hurt that the famous Ralph W. Stanley’s (“living national treasure”) boatworks is a dock over. The boats sitting out on his dock and mooring nearby are unbelievable.

Oh, yes, and there are seals.

Yes, I think Southwest Harbor is the most beautiful town in the world.

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