Thuya Gardens

Thuya is the most beautiful garden in the world.

I’m a little partial, but I still know I’m right. It’s stunning.

Thuya is a small garden on the edge of the mountain looking over Northeast Harbor. If you’re in good shape for stairs, the best way to approach it is from Asticou Terrace. It’s a lovely trail, granite stairs, moss and ferns. And views over the harbor. Absolutely stunning.

These terraces are the heart of the original gardens.Very natural looking. Everything is perfectly placed, but looks like it’s been that way for a very long time.

The flower gardens are the newer section and they are well worth it. I’ve been at several times of year and it’s always unbelievable. Formal border beds in a lawn, but taken to the height of cottage gardens meet prairie style. Perfect. Always different. Always worth going.

It doesn’t hurt that in September hummingbirds are drinking nectar and hanging out on the flower stems. Their stomachs look like round marbles they’re so full, storing up for migrations. Seriously. More hummingbirds posing than you’ve ever seen.

The first day we went was bright fog, making colors glow. I was blown away by the dahlias.

This combination reminds me of old delicate lace.

And this one is more modern art, bold and stark.

I don’t think I’m giving anything away by telling you there will be a dahlia series very soon. I’m thinking small bright jewels of paintings.

Oh, yes, and the whole flower garden is surrounded by granite lined paths that lead around and up the mountain. The paths are raked in the Asian style, intricate patterns in the pink gravel.

And thick soft moss. Ferns so green and tall. Pink granite rock and greens.

Thuya is the most beautiful garden in the world.