Watercolor Sketching Daffodils Again


Sketching daffodils

A nice afternoon sketching daffodils.


Pretty daffodils in the yard. Possibly some heirloom King Alfreds? They are old, that's all I know! It's time to watercolor sketch daffodils again!


Starting sketching... Notice how I rearranged the flowers to form a hogarth curve. I'm an artist, not a photographer!

I'm also not worried by odd splatters from the other page. This is a sketch, never meant to be a finished painting. It's meant to learn, appreciate the view and enjoy painting.

Honestly, sometimes I think I can't properly paint flowers outside a studio. There needs to be many layers to pick up the translucency. Many layers take more than 15 minutes - drying time isn't quick.

But bright colors, cheerful spring memories - that I can do!

Winsor and newton Cotman Palette

My travel sketching palette changes constantly. The brush is a Blick Master squirrel #12 Round. Watercolor sketching brushes change pretty quickly too.

Watercolor Sketching Daffodils Step 2

Add some darks. Mmm ultramarine and burnt sienna!

Watercolor Sketching Daffodils

Now lightly sketch some bright cadmium yellow and a tiny bit of detail. A fun little watercolor sketch of daffodils!

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