Free Watercolor Painting Tutorials

  • Kitchen Garden Plans, Summer 2022

    Every winter, I plan my summer vegetable garden. I sketch it many, many times in pencil, trying to rotate crops so every plant gets what it needs. Then, I ink it and sketch it in watercolor. I can't change it after that.
    I have a classic kitchen garden I use to produce about 70% of the vegetables and fruit my family eats. This year I hope to up my game because I got a new freeze dryer for Christmas!


  • January Daffodils Sketch

    This delicate daffodil sketch shows the joy of cheerful yellow flowers in early spring!


  • Sky Sketches

    Sky sketches are a perfect way to warm up to painting.


  • Mardi Gras in New Orleans

    New Orleans Mardi Gras painiting.


  • Palmetto Path

    Watercolor painting of a walk down a sun dappled path between palmetto palm trees.


  • 12 Days of Christmas Cards, Christmas Door

    Paint a cheerful Christmas card door to brighten someone's Christmas! Free pdf included.


  • Salt Marsh Sunset

    Watercolor painting of a perfect sunset in a salt marsh.


  • Beaufort Gate III

    Watercolor painting of a garden gate in Beaufort, South Carolina.


  • Live Oak Sunset

    Watercolor painting of live oaks and Spanish moss with the setting sun streaming through the leaves. Essence of Southern summer.


  • Beach Path

    Watercolor painting of a palm tree shaded path leading to the beach.


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