Red Roses

Gorgeous Red Roses Painting by Jennifer Branch.

Original Watercolor Painting on Paper
16" x 20"
Private Collection

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Red roses fill your room with romance every day of the year in this beautiful watercolor painting.

Nothing sets a romantic mood like red roses. Their deep, velvety petals and heavy scent fill a room with glamorous romance. Something about red roses always brings the feeling that life is very good and meant to be enjoyed fully. They are unsubtle, unabashedly sensual and full of joy.

There's not another scent like red roses, the kind where you bury your head in a crimson bouquet of roses. I can almost smell that lush scent when I look at this painting.

When someone you love gives you a bouquet of red roses, it's happiness in a bundle. Roses are always elegant, but also sensual. They invite you to dance in joy and laugh with happiness, enjoying the beauty and pleasure of life.

This painting brings red roses romance into your life every day. Imagine the deep reds almost luminous in your dining room, making even a casual dinner an event to be remembered. Any room this is in, it will add a touch of glamour to, helping to make even every day life feel richer. It's a 16" x 20" work, so just big enough to set the mood of a room. What room do you want to feel lushly romantic and always glamorous?

I believe in painting life's joy. It really is simple pleasures that fill us with happiness and joy. A romantic dinner with your loved one, a simple hug, a coffee with a close friend and roses for your birthday. What more could anyone ask of life?

Red Roses is a gorgeous, never fading bouquet to enjoy every day of the year. This is an amazing painting and it's painted to bring joy to someone's heart.

This original watercolor painting is on Twinrocker handmade watercolor paper, made in the USA by old world paper making techniques.
Gorgeous rough true deckle edges allow you to frame it floating on a mat or encased in one. Paintings will be shipped inside mats for stability, except on request.
I highly recommend floating the deckle edged paper for full visual impact.

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