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Blue Sky Sketching...


Blue Sky Sketch on Strathmore Visual Journal
6"x 8" Strathmore Visual journal, Blick Art squirrel brush

I love sketching skies. Skies constantly change. Think gray storms and blue calm skies, yellow tornadoes and pink sunsets. Skies are always interesting and there is always a sky to paint!

All of the wonderful things in my life happened when I took a risk. The best of life happens when I just take a leap and trust in God. When I take that leap of faith, amazing things happen.

I became an artist, following my dreams, instead of my college education. I started teaching painting workshops (when painfully shy and barely out of college). I pulled out of galleries and sold my work online during a recession. I stopped painting oil portraits and started watercolor. (The best personal one is I met and married my husband in four months!) Some of these things are very small things, but huge risks to me at the time.

I have never regretted taking a risk, only the ones I didn't take.

Most of my serious paintings I paint on gorgeous handmade Twinrocker paper with luscious M. Graham paints. My brushes aren't exactly disposable either. If I'm not willing to throw away a few pieces of paper, layer on washes of beautiful paint extravagantly or scrub with that sable brush, the painting will be lousy. If I don't take the chance of throwing the whole thing away every time and starting over, I will paint nothing fresh and new. Painting will be a tired routine repeating itself until I finally give up because being an artist is just not fun anymore.

The most essential ingredient in art is the ability to take risks. I'm not jumping off cliffs or driving a race car.

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