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High Shoals Falls Sketch


It's been raining for weeks here. Very odd in September, not so much October. It's as if summer ended a month early in North Georgia, we usually are swimming into October.

I used to go sketch in all weather, but now I'm a little constrained by having small kids along. They don't like too much cold or heat. My 7 year old is fine exploring. So is my 3 year old - until I look up and he's performing a death defying feat. So I am not sketching as much on location right now. (I'll give you some ideas about painting on location with kids soon. I do have a few tips that do make it a little easier.)

But when the sun peeks through the clouds after a week of hiding, it's time to go sketch! This is High Shoals Falls in Dallas, GA. There are several High Shoals waterfalls in Georgia. This is a small, hidden one down a short path next to an old cemetary. It's one of the loveliest waterfalls I've ever seen and not very far from my house so it's one I frequent

sketching a Georgia waterfall.
Pentalic watercolor journal, 5" x 8"

I plan on sketching this waterfall on video, probably in the spring. It's a tricky one to sketch since there is just so much going on. I've never had a problem seeing something to sketch, just narrowing my focus!

The rocks curve into a beautiful wall that creates deep shadows and highlights. The water can fall in a big rush or a steady trickle, depending on rains. High Shoals Falls is just an exquisite gem of a waterfall to sketch on an early fall afternoon.

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