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Nantahala Waterfall Painting


I love going for mountain drives in the summer. When it's unbelievably hot outside, just escaping to mountain roads and opening all the windows to let the cooler air rush by is such a luxury. Of course, at some point during every trip, there's a lovely painting spot to sketch while my kids splash in the icy mountain water.

Watercolor painting of Nantahala River waterfall.
Watercolor painting of Nantahala River waterfall.

Recently, I discovered a new favorite mountain road, Wayah Road, near Franklin, North Carolina. It's the most beautiful twisting, turning road with the Upper Nantahala River following its every move.

It probably would have taken less time just to hike the road from the beginning, since I made my husband pull over at every available spot so I could take photos or sketch. I actually don't recommend hiking this one. There's too much twisting, narrow road to be safe alongside it. Fly fishing up the river is a completely different matter.

This wasn't just one of our regular mountain trips, however. I was looking for the perfect painting for a mountain lake home commission. It had to be the perfect scene, for over the main house mantel.

After several mountain trips, I finally found what I was looking for, this absolutely gorgeous waterfall on the Upper Nantahala.

The watercolor painting is on handmade Twinrocker paper in transparent watercolor. It practically glows in the light. I can't wait until my clients send me a photo of it framed, over their mantel.

There's something very satisfying about painting the perfect piece for a particular home and client. I don't do very many commissions any more, but I think I appreciate the process of them much more now.

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