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Watercolor Brush Reviews

Please click on brush name to see review!

Company Brush Reviewed Overall Rating Example
Blick Art Full Bellied Round I review the Blick Squirrel Round Brush, one of my favorite plein aire brushes. #12 Blick Squirrel Round
#12 Blick Squirrel Round
Cheap Joes Pointed Round Nylon A review of the Millers Golden Fleece round brushes, which come in a huge #38! #14 Round Golden Fleece, Cheap Joes
#14 Round Golden Fleece, Cheap Joes
Escoda Full Bellied Round Squirrel A review of the Escoda Squirrel Round brush, on #14 Escoda Squirrel Round Brush
#14 Escoda Squirrel Round Brush
Isabey Rigger A comprehensive review of Isabey Rigger watercolor brush. All about Isabey watercolor brush. #1 Isabey Red Sable Rigger Brush
#1 Isabey Red Sable Rigger Brush
Isabey Pointed Round Sable A look at the gorgeous Isabey pointed round sable brush. #14 Isabey Red Sable Brush
#14 Isabey Red Sable Brush
Blick Art Scholastic Full Bellied Round Ox A review of the Blick Scholastic Ox Hair Watercolor Brush. #14 Blick Ox Hair Brush
#14 Blick Ox Hair Brush

What do I really use to paint with?

I love trying brushes, but I try new brushes in sketches, not in serious paintings. If I like the brush, I'll use it in a real painting!

Every brush has nuances. Some brushes are just better at certain things. Once you know the feel of the brush, you know what to use it for.

These reviews are intended as shortcuts to knowing what each brush will do when you use it so you can choose brushes easier.

Sketchbook only, no serious painting! Gorgeous, but barely any sizing so it's very delicate.

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