Blackberry Flower

My Garden

A beautiful blackberry flower sketch by Jennifer Branch.

Original Watercolor Painting on Paper
6" x 8"
$ 120

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Every year, these beautiful blackberry flowers bloom in my yard. Blackberries are in the rose family and look very similar, but of course they produce delicious blackberries as well! I love sketching these beautiful flowers, with their sweet promise. If you're interested in how this flower was painted, please click, Tutorial of Blackberry Flower!

This original watercolor painting is on Twinrocker handmade watercolor paper, made in the USA by old world paper making techniques.
Gorgeous rough true deckle edges allow you to frame it floating on a mat or encased in one. Paintings will be shipped inside mats for stability, except on request.
I highly recommend floating the deckle edged paper for full visual impact.

Blackberry Flower

8" x 10" Limited Edition Print in Mat.

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Original Watercolor Painting
Shipped in Mat
$ 120

Frames and mats are Made in USA.

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