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Pumpkin Island Lighthouse, Dog

Eggemoggin Reach, Little Deer Isle, Maine

Out for a row next to Pumpkin Island Lighthouse

Original Watercolor Painting on Paper
10" x 14"

$ 900

Imagine summer vacation in Maine. A quick row at the edge of the Eggemoggin Reach at the end of the day. Your dog greets you from the dock, tail wagging wildly. Later comes a lobster dinner and a glass of wine, sitting on your front porch and gazing out at the lighthouse.

Pumpkin Island Lighthouse is the perfect little lighthouse. It's almost a scale model of the massive ones I see in the South, but no less important. Pumpkin Island Lighthouse protects one of the great sailing stretches of the world, the Eggemoggin Reach.

Its cheerful little red shed and charming keeper's house attached to the lighthouse are one of my favorite subjects. I can't count how many times I've sat sketching it from the rocky point nearest it, usually with my dog patiently waiting. I've painted Pumpkin Island Lighthouse several times, usually with a bright blue sky and the lighthouse as the main subject.

This painting is more subtle, with the dog and the rower as the focus of the painting and the lighthouse watching over them. The sky has faded in the evening and the day is drawing to a quiet close.

Summer days are long up here in Maine, and there's tomorrow to row along the shore again. The lighthouse will still be there for you and your dog will greet you at day's end.

This original watercolor painting is on Twinrocker handmade watercolor paper. Gorgeous rough deckle edges allow you to frame it floating on a mat or encased in one. Paintings will be shipped inside mats for stability. However, I highly recommend floating the deckle edged paper for full visual impact.


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