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Roses watercolor painting by Jennifer Branch

Original Watercolor Painting on Paper
16" x 21"

$ 1300

David Austin roses are famous for a reason. They're absolutely gorgeous with many petals framing delicate stamens. All the colors of the rainbow in delicate petals. They smell so wonderful, each rose a little different. Some are citrusy and some heavy and dark scents. This Heritage rose is completely a classic rose. Dark pink buds fading to pale white and a lovely classic rose scent. It blooms several times a season, so if the first time it storms, I still can paint the next roses.

I can see this rose blooming from my studio. It holds its bouquets tall above the bush, lovely pink buds slowly unfolding.

Roses hold such a place in my memories that it's hard to believe how fleeting and delicate they are. A painting and a scent bring me back to a summer day in June, walking in my garden. The air is buzzing with energy and everywhere I can see flowers.

The symbolism of this painting is strong. One rose is fading, but still so beautiful. Two rose buds have so much potential for beauty. Peace and joy and hope for the future in three roses.

This original watercolor painting is on Twinrocker handmade watercolor paper. Gorgeous rough deckle edges allow you to frame it floating on a mat or encased in one. Paintings will be shipped inside mats for stability. However, I highly recommend floating the deckle edged paper for full visual impact.
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