Dogwood flowers watercolor painting by Jennifer Branch

Watercolor Painting


  • Forsythia

    Spring into sketching with this easy forsythia (or yellow bells) sketch! The entire watercolor painting only takes 20 minutes (shortened in the video), drying time included.


  • Boboli Gardens

    Watercolor painting tutorial of the beautiful Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy. YouTube video and lesson!


  • One Point Perspective Drawing

    One point perspective drawing is used in every single painting you paint. If the perspective is off, your painting will look terrible. And a few simple tips makes it easy to draw! YouTube Drawing Tutorial and Lesson.


  • Viottolone, Boboli Gardens Watercolor Painting

    The Boboli Gardens are one of the most beautiful things to see in Florence, Italy - and that is saying something!


  • Orchids Sketch

    Here's how to paint a watercolor sketch of a beautiful orchid greenhouse. Step by step YouTube painting tutorial and lesson!


  • Venice Palazzo

    Watercolor painting tutorial of the beautiful Venice palazzo, Ca' Mocenigo Vecchia. Step by step YouTube video painting tutorial and lesson. Part 2 of How To Draw Series.


  • Mocenigo Ca' Vecchia Watercolor Painting

    A beautiful watercolor painting of the Mocenigo Ca'Vecchia in Venice, Italy by Jennifer Branch.


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