• 5 Ways to Fix Watercolor Paintings

    5 Beginner Watercolor Painting Fixes

    Here's how to turn a "ruined" watercolor painting into your masterpiece.
    I have a YouTube video showing 5 sketches and how I improved them with quick watercolor fixes. Turn "mistakes" into your best paintings!


  • High Shoals waterfall watercolor sketch

    High Shoals Falls Sketch

    Waterfalls are fun and challenging to paint. Here's a little watercolor sketch of High Shoals Falls in Georgia!


  • Charleston house watercolor sketch

    Blue House, Charleston, Sketch

    Sometimes all you need for a memory is a quick sketch! Here's a sketch in my journal from Charleston, SC.


  • Portland Head Lighthouse

    Portland Head Lighthouse Painting Tutorial

    Here's a beautiful watercolor painting of the iconic Portland Head Lighthouse. I've chosen a classic view for this YouTube painting tutorial, so paint along with me!


  • Peony Flower

    Peony Painting Tutorial

    Here's a a beautiful white peony painting from my garden.
    White flowers are the trickiest but also the most rewarding to paint in watercolor. Follow along with a YouTube video and step by step painting lesson!


  • Sketching and fishing

    Sketching and Fishing

    Whatever it takes to get your husband to come sketch with you, go for it this weekend! Fishing and sketching is a perfect combination!


  • 5 Beginner Watercolor Painting Mistakes

    5 Beginner Watercolor Painting Mistakes

    Here are 5 mistakes every beginner painter makes - and how to avoid them!
    You won't believe how fast your paintings can improve!


  • Palm Tree

    Charleston Palm Tree Painting Tutorial

    Here's a beautiful palm tree painting from Charleston, SC. I have a YouTube painting tutorial, reference photo, paint names and some step by step instructions!
    This is a lovely painting for a sunny day in the South!


  • Beginner Watercolor

    Beginner Watercolor Painting

    I've added a new beginner watercolor art supplies YouTube video to my Start Here page!
    I go through everything you need to start watercolor painting, art supplies to easy first lessons.


  • Sunflower Watercolor Painting Tutorial

    A beautiful sunflower from my garden! YouTube video and reference photo guide you through painting!


  • Painting Grape Vines in Watercolor

    Paint vineyards in Italy! This video watercolor painting tutorial takes you step by step through painting some stunning grape vines.


  • Grapevines in Italy Watercolor Painting

    A beautiful sunlit grape vine twines through this vineyard in Italy. Rich burgundy red and purple reds give a rich glow to this watercolor painting.


  • 5 Places to Show Your Art

    You want people to see and appreciate your beautiful artwork! Here are 5 non-online places you can start showing your artwork and begin your art career!


  • Painting with Wax Resist

    How to use wax resist to make your watercolor paintings sparkle!


  • Painting a Sailboat on Somes Sound

    Painting sailboats is almost as much fun as sailing them! YouTube video and step by step instructions on painting a beautiful sailboat on sparkling water!


  • Sailing Somes Sound Watercolor Painting

    Watercolor painting of a beautiful wooden sailboat flying in the wind on a perfect sailing day in Maine!


  • Sketching a Portrait

    A good portrait sketch is the foundation behind a good watercolor portrait. Follow along as I show how to paint a portrait with step by step instructions.


  • Always Take Risks!

    What I'm willing to risk is that with a single stroke of my brush, I can turn what is almost a masterpiece into a disaster. Without the willingness to take that risk, I will never have a masterpiece.


  • Painting Blackberry Flowers

    A step by step youtube painting tutorial of blackberry flowers. All the watercolor painting tips for painting white flowers!


  • Blackberry Flower Watercolor Painting

    Blackberry flowers are stunningly beautiful, delicate flowers. This watercolor painting is a charming little sketch of blackberries in bloom.


  • Painting Rainbow Row, Charleston

    A watercolor painting demonstration of Rainbow Row, Charleston. YouTube video and paint names included!


  • Rainbow Row Watercolor Painting

    A beautiful watercolor sketch of Rainbow Row in Charleston, SC.


  • Painting a Boy and his Dog

    Portrait painting is one of my great joys and painting my son reading a book to his dog makes it more fun! YouTube video and step by step description of every step (along with paint colors) of this watercolor portrait.


  • How to Use a Rigger Brush

    How to get the most out of your liner brush! Beginner to advanced watercolor painting tutorials.


  • Painting a Venice Bridge

    This YouTube watercolor painting tutorial of a Venice bridge, the Ponte Chiodo, is a wonderful place to see an artist painting a Venice classic subject. Step by step descriptions and a photo reference included!