Watercolor Painting Gallery

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Painting tells a story. Sometimes it's a long story, almost a history book, in a painting. More often, it's a moment of amazing joyful beauty that now lives on forever.

Most of these stories are common to all of us. A flower glowing with color, the crashing of a wave on rocks, a hidden path in the forest, or the water lapping against a boat are simple things all humans know and feel joy in.

The best of life is made of simple moments of pleasure, not huge momentous events. As an artist, I capture those moments and put them on your wall. No matter how your day is going, my painting will take you to that exquisite moment of joy.

I have painted watercolor as long as I can remember. I am grateful that I can share this joy with others, through paintings and by teaching.

Watercolor paintings capture light in a way no other medium can. Their color is luminous, a richness and depth you can achieve no other way. You become part of the painting, watching it shift in the light as the colors change.

Come and explore the world with me!

Selected recent paintings and articles:

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