• How to Use a Rigger Brush

    How to get the most out of your liner brush! Beginner to advanced watercolor painting tutorials.


  • Painting a Venice Bridge

    This YouTube watercolor painting tutorial of a Venice bridge, the Ponte Chiodo, is a wonderful place to see an artist painting a Venice classic subject. Step by step descriptions and a photo reference included!


  • Ponte Chiodo Watercolor Painting

    This beautiful watercolor painting of the Ponte Chiodo in Venice, Italy glows with the color and reflections of the city.


  • How to Plan a Painting, a Venice Cathedral

    A behind the scenes look into the process of planning a painting. What do you keep? What do you change or leave out? Here's an artist's story of the sketches and thoughts behind a successful Venice cathedral painting!


  • A Dog's Life

    A lazy dog and a sketchbook. The perfect way to spend an afternoon! I show you the process of sketching my dog in watercolor.


  • 3 Watercolor Washes

    Ever wonder which watercolor wash to use when? This youtube watercolor painting lesson tells you how to paint beautiful washes easily!


  • How to Paint a Hummingbird!

    This watercolor painting tutorial shows how to paint a hummingbird in a YouTube video, pictures, reference photo and step by step instructions! By the end of this free painting lesson, you will be able to paint your own beautiful hummingbird!


  • Hummingbird and Salvia Watercolor Painting

    This hummingbird watercolor painting glows with the life and color of the garden. The hummingbird pauses for just a minute, drinking nectar in this wonderland before the long journ


  • Valentines Day Doves

    I'm sketching a pair of terracotta doves today. It's interesting to quickly build up the textures and color in a painting. I hope you enjoy this step by step painting tutorial of how to paint statues!


  • Treetops Against the Sky

    I love afternoon sketching! Lately, the weather has been freezing but the sky is bright blue and a wonderful contrast. Afternoon light starts early this time of year, with faint oranges tinging the trees from late afternoon on. It is a perfect time for a tree sketch!


  • Almost Dusk Trees Sketch

    Sometimes when I am sketching everything just turns out. This sketch is one of those times. I looked out the kitchen window when I was making dinner, saw the light was perfect and grabbed my painting go bag, leaving my poor husband finishing up dinner. Sometimes you just have to take that sketching time when the light is just right! It won't be the same light in 15 minutes.


  • White Phalaenopsis Orchid

    Winter is dark and cold for sketching outdoors but phalaenopsis orchids are blooming indoors! Here's a step by step tutorial of how to paint a phalaeopsis orchid.


  • Trees Sketch before Sunset

    Sometimes you just have a few minutes to sketch and no time to go anywhere but there is always inspiration in your own backyard. This sketch is close to the end of the day. There are a few bright oran


  • One Point Perspective Drawing

    One point perspective drawing is used in every single painting you paint. If the perspective is off, your painting will look terrible. The good news is that one point perspective drawing is easy to l