• Orchids Sketching Watercolor Tutorial

    Orchids Watercolor Sketch

    Here's how to paint a watercolor sketch of a beautiful orchid greenhouse. Step by step YouTube painting tutorial and lesson!


  • Mocenigo Ca'Vecchia Watercolor Painting

    Venice Palazzo Watercolor Painting

    Watercolor painting of the beautiful Venice palazzo, Mocenigo Ca'Vecchia.


  • How to Draw lesson

    How to Draw

    My new YouTube tutorial and drawing lesson teach you how to draw. If you can draw a triangle, you can draw anything!
    I'm very excited about this series - anyone can learn to draw, it just takes a few tips!


  • The Perfect Christmas Tree

    The Perfect Christmas Tree

    The past seven years, since my oldest was mobile, I've decorated my tree with Christmas ornaments weighted by fragility, not artistic balance. The glass ornaments never even get taken out of the box, just admired for their beauty and packed carefully back for a few years from now.


  • Watercolor Painting Tutorial Christmas Card Snowy Woods

    12 Days of Christmas Cards, Snowy Woods

    This beautiful path through snowy woods is perfect for a walk on Christmas Day. Here's how you paint the Christmas card!


  • Watercolor Painting Tutorial Christmas Card Bethlehem Star

    12 Days of Christmas Cards, Starry Night

    Here's a beautiful star shining down on Christmas Eve. Here's how to paint it with a YouTube painting tutorial!


  • DIY Christmas Card deer

    12 Days of Christmas Cards, Holly

    Some cheerful holly leaves and berries to send to a friend in a Christmas card. Here's how to paint them with a YouTube painting tutorial!


  • DIY Christmas Card deer

    12 Days of Christmas Cards, Deer

    A beautiful little deer in the woods pauses for just a minute, perfect for a Christmas card!


  • DIY Christmas Card tree

    12 Days of Christmas Cards, Tree

    In the spirit of Thanksgiving simplicity, here's a beautiful little Christmas tree in a snowy woods for a Christmas card.


  • DIY Christmas Card ornaments

    12 Days of Christmas Cards, Ornaments

    Sparkly ornaments are just part of Christmas decorations. They make us smile and enjoy the winter sparkle. Here's how to paint them!


  • DIY Christmas Card candle

    12 Days of Christmas Cards, Candle

    A candle in the window welcomes friends at the end of a dark winter day. YouTube painting tutorial video shows you step by step how to paint this heartwarming candle in watercolor!


  • DIY Christmas Card poinsettia

    12 Days of Christmas Cards, Poinsettia

    A poinsettia makes a cheerful watercolor bouquet to send on a Christmas card to your friends! YouTube painting tutorial video shows you step by step how to paint this quick and merry poinsettia!


  • DIY Christmas Card cottage

    12 Days of Christmas Cards, Cottage

    A cozy cottage sends the warm Christmas spirit to your loved ones. Learn to paint this little cottage with a snowman outside the door in a few easy steps!


  • DIY Christmas Card wreath

    12 Days of Christmas Cards, Wreath

    Send someone a heartfelt welcome with a simple Christmas card wreath. This is the very quickest card of this series to paint!


  • DIY Christmas Card mittens

    12 Days of Christmas Cards, Mittens

    A pair of warm mittens is like a warm hug for your loved ones at the holidays - so paint one!
    This card is something a beginner artist could easily paint!


  • DIY Christmas Card retro lights

    12 Days of Christmas Cards, Retro Lights

    Retro Christmas lights are such a fun little card. This card is something a beginner artist could easily paint!


  • DIY Christmas Cards

    12 Days of Christmas Cards!

    There's no more thoughtful present than something you make yourself. Over the next 12 days, I'll give painting tutorials of 12 Christmas Cards you can paint yourself!

    Even if you've never painted before, there's a card for you! None of the cards will take more than 20 minutes of painting time and some will take less than 5 minutes.
    So put on some holiday music and let's start painting!


  • Moon YouTube painting tutorial

    Full Moon Watercolor Painting Tutorial

    Here's a Moon watercolor in a YouTube video and step by step demonstration.
    Happy Halloween!


  • 3  ways to get more out of sketching

    3 Ways to Get More Out of Sketching

    Every time you sketch your paintings should improve dramatically. Here are 3 things you can do to make every sketching minute count!


  • Hinckley Boatyard YouTube painting tutorial

    Hinckley Boatyard Painting Tutorial

    Some of the most amazing boats in the world are built at the Hinckley boatyard in Manset, Maine. This beautiful sailboat is in a sling in drydock, where you can appreciate her lovely lines.
    This sailboat painting tutorial is shown in a YouTube video and step by step demonstration!


  • 5 Ways to Fix Watercolor Paintings

    5 Beginner Watercolor Painting Fixes

    Here's how to turn a "ruined" watercolor painting into your masterpiece.
    I have a YouTube video showing 5 sketches and how I improved them with quick watercolor fixes. Turn "mistakes" into your best paintings!


  • High Shoals waterfall watercolor sketch

    High Shoals Falls Sketch

    Waterfalls are fun and challenging to paint. Here's a little watercolor sketch of High Shoals Falls in Georgia!


  • Charleston house watercolor sketch

    Blue House, Charleston, Sketch

    Sometimes all you need for a memory is a quick sketch! Here's a sketch in my journal from Charleston, SC.


  • Portland Head Lighthouse

    Portland Head Lighthouse Painting Tutorial

    Here's a beautiful watercolor painting of the iconic Portland Head Lighthouse. I've chosen a classic view for this YouTube painting tutorial, so paint along with me!


  • Peony Flower

    Peony Painting Tutorial

    Here's a a beautiful white peony painting from my garden.
    White flowers are the trickiest but also the most rewarding to paint in watercolor. Follow along with a YouTube video and step by step painting lesson!


  • Sketching and fishing

    Sketching and Fishing

    Whatever it takes to get your husband to come sketch with you, go for it this weekend! Fishing and sketching is a perfect combination!


  • 5 Beginner Watercolor Painting Mistakes

    5 Beginner Watercolor Painting Mistakes

    Here are 5 mistakes every beginner painter makes - and how to avoid them!
    You won't believe how fast your paintings can improve!


  • Palm Tree

    Charleston Palm Tree Painting Tutorial

    Here's a beautiful palm tree painting from Charleston, SC. I have a YouTube painting tutorial, reference photo, paint names and some step by step instructions!
    This is a lovely painting for a sunny day in the South!


  • Beginner Watercolor

    Beginner Watercolor Painting

    I've added a new beginner watercolor art supplies YouTube video to my Start Here page!
    I go through everything you need to start watercolor painting, art supplies to easy first lessons.


  • Sunflower Watercolor Painting Tutorial

    A beautiful sunflower from my garden! YouTube video and reference photo guide you through painting!


  • Painting Grape Vines in Watercolor

    Paint vineyards in Italy! This video watercolor painting tutorial takes you step by step through painting some stunning grape vines.


  • Grapevines in Italy Watercolor Painting

    A beautiful sunlit grape vine twines through this vineyard in Italy. Rich burgundy red and purple reds give a rich glow to this watercolor painting.


  • 5 Places to Show Your Art

    You want people to see and appreciate your beautiful artwork! Here are 5 non-online places you can start showing your artwork and begin your art career!


  • Painting with Wax Resist

    How to use wax resist to make your watercolor paintings sparkle!


  • Painting a Sailboat on Somes Sound

    Painting sailboats is almost as much fun as sailing them! YouTube video and step by step instructions on painting a beautiful sailboat on sparkling water!


  • Sailing Somes Sound Watercolor Painting

    Watercolor painting of a beautiful wooden sailboat flying in the wind on a perfect sailing day in Maine!


  • Sketching a Portrait

    A good portrait sketch is the foundation behind a good watercolor portrait. Follow along as I show how to paint a portrait with step by step instructions.


  • Always Take Risks!

    What I'm willing to risk is that with a single stroke of my brush, I can turn what is almost a masterpiece into a disaster. Without the willingness to take that risk, I will never have a masterpiece.


  • Painting Blackberry Flowers

    A step by step youtube painting tutorial of blackberry flowers. All the watercolor painting tips for painting white flowers!


  • Blackberry Flower Watercolor Painting

    Blackberry flowers are stunningly beautiful, delicate flowers. This watercolor painting is a charming little sketch of blackberries in bloom.


  • Painting Rainbow Row, Charleston

    A watercolor painting demonstration of Rainbow Row, Charleston. YouTube video and paint names included!


  • Rainbow Row Watercolor Painting

    A beautiful watercolor sketch of Rainbow Row in Charleston, SC.


  • Painting a Boy and his Dog

    Portrait painting is one of my great joys and painting my son reading a book to his dog makes it more fun! YouTube video and step by step description of every step (along with paint colors) of this watercolor portrait.


  • How to Use a Rigger Brush

    How to get the most out of your liner brush! Beginner to advanced watercolor painting tutorials.


  • Painting a Venice Bridge

    This YouTube watercolor painting tutorial of a Venice bridge, the Ponte Chiodo, is a wonderful place to see an artist painting a Venice classic subject. Step by step descriptions and a photo reference included!