Watercolor Painting Gallery

I have painted watercolor ever since I can remember. I have made my living all my life as an artist. I am grateful I can share this joy with others, by painting and by teaching.

I've explored almost every other medium but I always come back because watercolor can do so much more than any other medium.

Watercolor paintings capture light in a way no other medium can. Their color is luminous, almost glowing. You become part of the painting, watching it shift in the light like stained glass. There is so much color and depth.

In my paintings, I capture moments of absolute joy. Each painting tells a story at a glimpse.

Most of these stories are common to all of us. A beautiful flower, the crashing of a wave on rocks, a hidden path in the forest and the water lapping against a boat are things we all appreciate and experience.

Paintings are jeweled memories of life's joy.

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