12 Days of Christmas Cards, Snowy Woods


This beautiful path through snowy woods is perfect for a walk on Christmas Day. Here's how you paint the Christmas card!
DIY Christmas Card woods watercolor painting

I'd love to walk through these trees on Christmas

This card is easier than it looks, but it takes a little longer than the quickest cards like retro lights or wreath. Allow about 20 minutes painting time in 4 washes.

Pigment List

All paints I use are M. Graham transparent watercolors, except white gouache. Other brands I recommend are Daniel Smith and Schminke.

  • Nickel Azo Yellow

  • Burnt Sienna

  • Cobalt Violet

  • Pthalocyanine Blue

  • Pthalocyanine Green

  • Pthalocyanine Green

  • White Gouache

DIY Christmas Cards Materials

Christmas Card Painting Steps

Christmas Card Woods 1

1. Paint Nickel Azo Yellow in the background. This will make it glow - but only if you let this layer dry completely now. I know there's practically no paint on there, but trust me. Walk away (or attack it with a hairdryer.) Let it dry.

Christmas Card Woods 2

2. Dash some pthalo blue on loosely. Let it dry. Yes, again!

Christmas Card Retro Woods 3

3. Ok, now the real painting begins! Use nickel yellow and pthalo green to dash around the woods in strong verticals. The trick about this step is to allow more gold where the light is coming from.

Christmas Card Retro Woods 4

4. Now start dashing around cobalt violet, connecting areas. Drop some azo yellow back in.

Christmas Card Retro Woods 5

5. Get out your rigger and play!

6. Now it's time to add the snow. Use white gouache, but scribble it around with your rigger. You want a very loose effect!

Christmas Card woods watercolor painting

Think about developing this into a real painting... hmm.. such a classic scene. Like it belongs on a Christmas card!

I ended the 12 Days of Christmas Cards with my favorite card. It's an easy one to paint, so I hope you do.

I've had so much fun planning and painting this series that I hate for it to end. But the holidays have started and my family plans are always at the center of this season. There's nothing like a child's smile at the joy of Christmas and I'm not going to miss a minute of it!

12 Days of Christmas Cards

I'll have a vlog up tomorrow on YouTube telling you upcoming plans for 2016. There are some fun projects I'm planning and, as always, I welcome comments and suggestions!

I will be back painting in January, with possibly a few sketches posted here before then (because I don't really ever stop painting!)

Thank you for painting with me!

Merry Christmas and a Joyful Holiday to You!
Jennifer Branch

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