12 Days of Christmas Cards, Starry Night


Sometimes with all the holiday craziness we forget the real meaning of Christmas. Here's a beautiful star shining a light down for us.

DIY Christmas Card Bethlehem star

Christmas Card Starry Night YouTube painting tutorial!


5" x 7" Strathmore Watercolor Cards

Pigment List

All paints I use are M. Graham transparent watercolors, except white gouache. Other brands I recommend are Daniel Smith and Schminke.

  • Nickel Azo Yellow

  • Maroon Perylene

  • Ultramarine Blue

  • Cobalt Teal

  • Cobalt Violet

  • Burnt Sienna

  • Pthalocyanine Blue

  • Pthalocyanine Green

  • White Gouache

  • Wax Crayon

Christmas Card Painting Steps

Christmas Card Bethlehem 1

1. I use a wax crayon to reserve some of the stars.

2. Next I do a loose wash of cobalt teal and pthalo blue. This is going to make the background glow!

 DIY Christmas Card Starry Night 2

2. Now I need to do several washes with strong darks. I'm using warmer colors nearer the star, cooler colors further away.

Let this dry. Repeat for 3 washes.

It takes layers to get strong darks!

Christmas Card Bethlehem star watercolor painting tutorial

All that's needed now are some stars in the sky. I paint and splatter white gouache around the sky.

This one is an easy little card to bring Christmas joy into someone's home.

Merry Christmas and a Joyful Holiday to All!
Jennifer Branch

12 Days of Christmas Cards

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