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Watercolor Painting Lesson

by Jennifer Branch

Art Resources Watercolor Painting Lesson

Painting Lesson Level


Skill Building


Great Artists

John Singer Sargent

Winslow Homer

John Whorf

Anders Zorn

Contemporary Artists

Lars Lerin

Robert Wade

Mary Whyte

Joesph Zbukvic

Recommended Art Books and Craftsy classes

Disclaimer: Jennifer Branch Gallery is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertisting fees by advertising and linking to Most items can be bought multiple places. I am also a participant in the Craftsy affiliate program and avid user of Craftsy classes. I only recommend Craftsy classes I have taken - and watch again! Any other recomendation links I receive no compensation for.
I will never recommend a book, product or class I have not used frequently and believe is the best for the purpose. All of the books and classes I have purchased with my own money.

Sargent Abroad: Figures and Landscapes

The best and most comprehensive book I've ever read on the greatest watercolourist of all time! This book actually has Sargent's watercolors as the focus, not as an aside.

An amazing book.

Leonardo's Notebooks

I saw Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks at a wonderful exhibit at the Birmingham Museum of Art several years ago. Amazing! This book puts you into the mind of the greatest sketcher of all time. Read it, copy it, be inspired!

Figure Anatomy for the Artist, with Roberto Osti

Comprehensive class (I mean absolutely everything outside of what just surgeons need to know) on human anatomy for the artist. I may be just a bit of a nerd, but I love seeing the different muscles and tendons and how everything fits together. If you know what's beneath the skin, you become a better portrait artist.

Excellent class.

Facial Expression by Gary Faigin

If you want to paint portraits, you need this book. It's an excellent book on drawing people.

Drawing Facial Features with Gary Faigin

A wonderful FREE Craftsy class by Gary Faigin that shows portrait drawing basics clearly. Get this on a rainy afternoon and it will improve your portrait drawing skills.

I particularly enjoyed his Draw Better Portraits: Capturing Likeness class.

Since my kids are very active, drawing with a model and a teacher was fun and relaxing!

Gary Faigin is not the best artist, but he is the best teacher for learning to draw basic features on anyone's face and learning to analyze facial expressions. For instance, you can always tell a fake smile by the eyes after a class or reading his book. Since so many models make that fake smile automatically, you can correct their expression or adjust for it in your painting.

Painting Portraits and Figures in Watercolor by Mary Whyte

A nice view into the studio and method of a very good modern portrait artist. A lot of the paintings are from Working South. In this book she explains more of her painting techniques.

Working South by Mary Whyte

Pure inspirational portraits. Lovely paintings about the manual laborers of the South. From milliners to fishermen, all the disappearing skilled trades are disappearing, but Mary Whyte has captured them in a wonderful way. I personally prefer the sketches at the back to the finished paintings!

Robert Wade Painting More Than the Eye Can See

One of the world's master watercolor teachers.
Out of print but lots of libraries have it.

Websites to Learn More
Excellent watercolor resource with a lot of different styled painters.

Extremely well researched site about paper, paints and everything else watercolor! Unfortunately it's not being kept up so some of the materials information is dated.

Art Supplies

M. Graham & Co.
Beautiful pigments mixed with honey. My favorite pigments by far!

Twinrocker Paper
I use primarily Twinrocker paper in heavy art or art and 0 on their white scale.
It's a gorgeous handmade paper that has just enough texture but shows pigments beautifully. I'm very impressed with it!
Note: Twinrocker paper sometimes behaves badly with masking fluid, pulling up in pieces. If this starts to happen, go very slowly with masking removal. Everything can usually be salvaged. Use Incredible White Masking - it works well!

Daniel Smith, Fine Artists' Materials
Gorgeous watercolor paints under their own name, very good quality.

Jerry's Artarama
Good, well-priced art supply store. They've featured me in their email newsletter!

Cheap Joe's Art Supplies
Reasonably priced, but not cheap, art supplies. Don't order Arches paper from them since they put a sticker on individual pieces that leaves residual stickiness. Very frustrating to find out halfway through a painting!
They also carry lighter weight Twinrocker paper.
Best synthetic round brushes available!

Dick Blick
I've been buying more and more supplies here. Probably because it has a good stock of artist quality materials and there is a store 20 minutes away. The only art store in Atlanta besides Utrecht (which is owned by Blick.)
How sad is it that a major city - with an Art Institute - has no art stores? (I won't even talk about the lack of good art museums...)

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Happy Painting! Jennifer Branch

Art Resources painting lesson by Jennifer Branch
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