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Drawing Lesson for Painting
Watercolor Painting Lesson

by Jennifer Branch

Drawing Lesson for Painting Watercolor Painting Lesson

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Skill Building

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You can't paint if you can't draw. Fortunately, drawing is the easiest part of painting.
Ok, you don't believe this - you've tried to draw & what's on your paper looks nothing like what you see. And portraits... well, you'd rather not even think about those!

The easiest way to draw is by using angles to check that your drawing is accurate. Every line you draw has 3 angles you can check it with. Here's how you check..

1. Find a relatively straight line on the object you're drawing.
Looking at the object, hold your pencil up against the straight line, paralleling it with the straight line of your pencil.
2. Bring your pencil down to your paper, keeping the same angle.
3. Using a 2nd pencil, draw the line at the correct angle.
4. Find a 2nd relatively straight line on your object -
draw it using the same procedure.
>5. Find a 3rd line that intersects the 1st 2 lines you drew.
Draw this line the same way, using it to check the accuracy of the 1st 2 lines.
You should be able to gauge the correct length of the lines by this line.

The 3rd line can be imaginary as well as an actual line in your drawing -
what's important is that you create a triangle with the correct angles.
3 correct angles = correct drawing.
Finish your drawing the same way, drawing, then checking your angles with a 3rd line.

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Happy Painting! Jennifer Branch

Drawing Lesson for Painting painting lesson by Jennifer Branch
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