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Watercolor Painting a Green Tree
Watercolor Painting Lesson

by Jennifer Branch
YouTube Painting Video

Green trees in watercolor painting look so easy until you try painting them the first time!

Watercolor Painting a Green Tree Watercolor Painting Lesson

Painting Lesson Level


Skill Building

Fixing Mistakes
Mixing Greens

Green trees, huh? Sounds easy... all you have to do is slap on some green paint and you're there. You look at the forest you're painting. The only colors you see are green and brown. So you paint the painting green and brown and you end up with a muddy, blotchy mess that has no depth and looks nothing like a forest scene.

First mistake - you may only see green and brown, but there have got to be some other colors in there - red, blue, black are safe bets - and trees generally have yellowish highlights somewhere. Tree trunks are often more gray or purple than brown. So paint these colors, not just greens.

Artist's Tips
Using more than 3 colors in a wash can get muddy fast!

You can't see the forest if you can't see the trees. The trick is, not every tree, just a few. Paint in layers, blurring an individual tree in and out of focus, merging it with its neighbors. Use negative painting (outline the object you're painting with a wash).
Painting a Green Tree Watercolor Painting tutorial
Use these only as possibilities - don't let your imagination have boundaries! Trees vary as much as any landscape, and again in the light. Your green trees are probably completely completely different colors.

Mixing Greens

If you're having some trouble mixing greens, this painting lesson YouTube video shows you how!
There are some quick tree studies to get you started too!

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Happy Painting! Jennifer Branch

Watercolor Painting a Green Tree painting lesson by Jennifer Branch
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