Animals Paintings Gallery

Watercolor paintings of animals, from sea turtles to deer. I think the expressions of animals, from their eyes to their stance, are as difficult to capture as a human portrait. I've painted the primeval glare of alligators, the fragile grace of a baby deer, the loyalty of a dog and the majestic beauty of sea turtles.

I have a particular love of painting sea turtles. They move so slowly, almost drifting. Time seems endless to a sea turtle, almost ageless. The light shimmers on them in blue water so beautifully. Sea dragons are just as fun to paint, but such fragile creatures, twining around grasses to hide, changing the color of their skin in wonderful flashes. I don't think I'll ever stop painting sea creatures.

One of the best things about my North Georgia home is the variety of creatures I see here just in my garden. I've seen more types of birds in my backyard than I've ever seen except one other place. The best place to paint birds is the Everglades in midwinter. So many bird varieties you could not begin to count them. Amazing!

I love painting the calmness of cows. We have such beautiful green meadows around here with peaceful cows. Those paintings always make me smile and bring a peaceful heart.

So I haven't painted nearly all of the animal kingdom yet and I'll probably continue painting the ones I love painting!

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