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How to Paint a Sailboat Watercolor Painting Tutorials

How to Paint a Sailboat Watercolor Painting Tutorial

  • How to Choose a Watercolor Brush

    How to Choose a Watercolor Brush
    Brush Hairs

    The brush you choose to paint with does make a difference to your painting. This video and article shows you different brush hairs and what each one will do for your painting.


  • Sailboat Painting Tutorial

    Sailboat Painting Tutorial

    Paint a sailboat flying an American flag on a beautiful summer day. YouTube video and watercolor painting instructions for free!


  • Maine Lighthouse and Dog

    Maine Lighthouse and Dog

    Learn to paint a beautiful lighthouse with a friendly dog in the foreground! YouTube video and instructions for free!


  • Roses Watercolor

    Roses Watercolor

    Learn to paint roses in a warm summer afternoon with a YouTube painting tutorial. This easy watercolor painting lesson guides you through each step.


  • Sunset Clouds

    Sunset Clouds

    Learn to paint beautiful clouds at sunset in this free watercolor painting tutorial.


  • Boy in Hat Portrait

    Boy in Hat Portrait

    How to Paint a Portrait, Boy in Hat Watercolor Painting Tutorial


  • Baby Chicks Sketch

    Baby Chicks Sketch

    Try painting baby chicks in the spring! This YouTube watercolor painting tutorial shows you how. Reference photos included!


  • Daffodils Watercolor Sketch

    Daffodils Watercolor Sketch

    This quick daffodil sketch only took half an hour. Youtube watercolor painting video included!


  • Kitchen Table Flowers Sketch

    Kitchen Table Flowers Sketch

    Is there any better excuse for buying flowers than to sketch them? Jennifer Branch shows you step by step how to paint a lovely bouquet.


  • Paint and Draw Magazine Article

    Paint and Draw Magazine Article

    Jennifer Branch's article in Paint and Draw Magazine.


  • Snow Tree Sketch

    Snow Tree Sketch

    Do you love painting but think you don't have time to enjoy your hobby? My Everyday Painting series starts off with a snowy tree sketch that takes only 20 minutes. Take a few minutes for you!


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