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Twinrocker Cold Press Watercolor Paper Review

This is my favorite paper by far. I love this handmade paper! Seriously, this is one prejudiced review. But what I'm prejudiced by the quality of the paper. I love the fact that you can buy sheets with their lovely feathered deckle in sizes from 6" x 8" to 22" x 30". They will make almost any size or finish that you want - I've ordered hot press in sizes not normally stocked, etc. One side hot / one side cold. Incredibly nice to deal with.

Twinrocker paper was founded in 1971 by Kathryn and Howard Clark in Indiana. They started because there wasn't a single handmade paper mill in the USA. The Clarks revived the entire industry of fine papermaking in the USA. Twinrocker is now owned by their once apprentice, Travis Becker. All of their paper is handmade, the old fashioned way. Each piece is exquisite and a dream to work on.

Paper is made from new cotton or cotton / linen mix. The reviewed paper is 100% cotton with an external gelatin sizing. All deckles are real, which is gorgeous. Paper is air dried.

How to Paint a Full Moon Painting Tutorial
painted on Twinrocker Cold Press


Nice texture, holds up to multiple washes and vigorous scrubbing. You can attack this paper and it still looks good. You cannot duplicate handmade texture on rollers.

Canadian Goslings Reflections Painting Tutorial
painted on Twinrocker Cold Press


The only negative is Twinrocker doesn't always work with masking. You need to remove the masking promptly off completely dry paper. Don't let it sit for months. Winsor & Newton masking will peel the paper. Incredible White Mask has worked consistently for me.

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Handmade, exquisite paper for $4 more a full sheet than basic Arches? I think it's a very good value, but should be used for real paintings, not practice sketches. Also consider that 200# does not need to be stretched up to 16" x 20", but 140# does. If you don't stretch the paper, dampen the back as you paint so the paper is evenly saturated and doesn't curl.

Paper Finish Type Weight Durability Saturation Finish Color Overall Feel Value
Full Sheet (22" x 30")
Sample with
Pthalo Blue,
Cadmium Red,
Quinacridone Gold or
Nickel Azo Yellow
Overall Rating
Cold (NOT) 200 Externally sized A A A White A Incredible to paint on. $ 14 A+


I'm prejudiced about Twinrocker, but the reason I'm prejudiced is the extreme high quality of their product!

YouTube Video of Papermaking at Twinrocker by a workshop student.

Sailboat Painting Tutorial Painting Tutorial
painted on Twinrocker Cold Press

I bought all of the supplies reviewed on this page with my own money.
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Testing Criteria

Can I scrub the paper?
Is the sizing immediately gone?
Will it pull up on multiple washes?
Will masking come off easily?

Will it resist or soak up water?
How quickly can I do another wash?

Overall Feel
This is my personal viewpoint on the paper. Do I like to paint on this paper?

How does the paper feel to work on? Does it respond well to the brush or seem to resist it? Can I work quickly and easily or do I have to keep in mind the paper's quirks as I go?

Paper's feel is difficult to quantify but very important to the artist. Sometimes I work with difficult papers just because I love how they respond to the paint and the overall affect.

Individual artists will have as many different opinions as painting styles!

First, is this meant for students or professional artists?
Does the price reflect this?

In these days of super sales and discounts of 50% expected off a artifically high MSRP, it's impossible to give accurate prices. I'm using MSRP for comparative cost.

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