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  • Coastal Georgia Sketching

    Coastal Georgia is a beautiful place for sketching! Let me show you what inspired me on these lovely islands.


  • Red Roses Painting Tutorial

    Paint some red roses for Valentine's Day! This step by step watercolor painting YouTube tutorial shows you how.


  • Woods Path Painting Tutorial

    Take a walk in the woods today and paint a peaceful path. This is such a fun painting to do. There are multiple layers and a range of techniques - definitely a painting to play with!


  • Backyard Bird Sketch, Tufted Titmouse 2

    Start sketching backyard birds today with this easy watercolor painting tutorial!


  • Woods Path

    Watercolor painting of a lovely walk in the woods.


  • Backyard Bird Sketch, Chickadee

    There's nothing more rewarding than sketching birds at your backyard bird feeder. Here's a full YouTube painting tutorial of a chickadee!


  • Backyard Bird Sketch, Tufted Titmouse

    Fun sketches are as close as your backyard bird feeder. Try sketching this cheeky little tufted titmouse bird!


  • Fireworks Painting Tutorial

    Explode your creativity into new frontiers with this fun fireworks painting tutorial. It's the perfect way to start your New Year!


  • Fireworks

    Painting of fireworks exploding in a night sky, glowing with light and color.


  • Red Roses

    Red roses fill your room with romance every day of the year in this beautiful watercolor painting.


  • Christmas Card Hearth

    Paint a cozy Christmas hearth while you're curled up next to the fire. Printable included, so no drawing necessary!


  • Christmas Card Star

    Paint the true meaning of Christmas and the Bethlehem star for your loved ones with this beautiful card.


  • Christmas Card Stocking

    Paint beautiful Christmas cards for your family and friends. This charming Christmas stocking takes less than 5 minutes to paint! Youtube video!


  • Christmas Tree Card

    Paint a beautiful Christmas tree for your Christmas cards. Free printable PDF and YouTube video!


  • Charleston Watercolor

    Paint a classic old Charleston House on a shady street. YouTube watercolor painting tutorial.


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Older Entries

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