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  • 12 Days of Christmas Cards, Cardinal

    Paint beautiful Christmas cards for your family and friends! I show you step by step how to paint a beautiful cardinal bird.


  • Blue Sky Sketching

    How to Paint Clouds in watercolor. Painting tutorial of a blue sky with white, fluffy clouds with YouTube video.


  • Portofino Boats Reflections

    Watercolor painting tutorial of gorgeous wooden boats in Portofino, Italy


  • Canadian Goslings Reflections

    Watercolor painting tutorial of adorable Canadian goslings shows step by step how to paint reflections.


  • Southwest Harbor Dinghies Reflections

    Part 2 of a 4 part series on Painting Reflections. This watercolor painting tutorial features a simple reflection of gorgeous Maine dinghies.


  • 3 Rules for Painting Reflections

    Painting reflections in watercolor is easy with a few basic rules. This lesson and 3 painting tutorials guide you every step of the way through painting gorgeous watercolor reflections!


  • How to Use Masking

    Masking is a great tool for beginner watercolor painters. Here's a YouTube watercolor painting tutorial and a few quick tips to make using masking easy!


  • How to Paint a Venice Boat

    The glorious old wooden boat taxis of Venice are iconic symbols of a romantic Venetian trip. YouTube watercolor painting tutorial takes you step by step through the painting.


  • Venice Water Taxi

    Watercolor painting of a Venice water taxi racing through the canals.


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